Tips for Safe Trick or Treating in the Bronx


Trick or treating is a spooky staple of childhood for most Americans, but it comes with some risks, especially for families living in urban areas like the Bronx. Here are some tips for safe trick or treating to keep this Halloween fun for your little ones and stress-free for you.

Find safe streets and map your routes beforehand

Bronx parents should take some time in the days leading up to Halloween to drive around and identify the safest streets in their neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods, then plan a route to avoid less safe areas.

Prioritize visibility in costumes

Regardless of where you’re trick or treating, wearing masks and other pieces that make it hard to see is dangerous. Kids are always running around and crossing the street during trick or treat, so make sure their costume allows them to see oncoming vehicles in their periphery. It also can’t hurt to add a reflective fabric to your child’s costume.

Finish trick or treating before dark

If your neighborhood’s trick or treat starts early enough, try to finish and be home by the time it gets dark. Streets are typically safer during the day, there’s increased visibility, and it’s harder to get lost, so it can be especially helpful if you’re trick or treating in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Stick to your building

One way to avoid many of the dangerous aspects of trick or treating is to keep it to your apartment building. If you live in a large building with lots of residents, many of them will be handing out candy, and your kids can still have a great time showing off their costumes while staying safe.

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